W e believe you can’t move into the future without having your roots firmly entrenched in the past. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry working on some of the premier properties in the Caribbean and the State of Florida, Engineer Shwan Aziz established Eco Building Solutions, Inc. 2010 as a General Contractor and Construction Management Company with his family to BUILD the FUTURE.

At the very core of our company culture are values that drive every decision we make. Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Hard Work is where we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the industry. We are passionate about establishing strong relationships with our clients and that has been the secret to our success. Our clients trust us, and our rate of repeat business proves it. Eco Building Solutions, Inc. is committed to employing these values at every turn and that is our promise to you.


Quality Work and Quality Relationships.

At Eco Building Solutions, Inc. We empower our team to take our clients’ vision and dreams and incorporate our experience, knowledge and expertise to create results with a greater level of quality, satisfaction and value for them and the entire community.

Creating and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients to the point where we can call each other friends is our ultimate goal.



We can only succeed if we use all of the best resources available to us. At Eco Building Solutions, Inc. We know and understand that we have a duty to deliver to our clients the best we, and the entire industry, has to offer.

Our company culture is one that strives to be innovative in our procedures and processes so that we can leave a lasting impact in our clients lives for many years to come. Our team combines experience and technical expertise with a superior understanding of our clients’ needs to provide a better experience in the sometimes-difficult world of construction and development.

Promise of Security and Safety

At Eco Building Solutions, Inc. We are committed to Safety and Security on the job site. Our record of safety is second to none in the industry and we are 110% committed to following and complying with Stringent Health, Safety and Environmental Procedures. We understand the job is not finished once we hand you the keys. We do not want Your health and safety to be compromised now or at any time in the future and that’s why we place safety at the top of our priorities and are constantly updated on new technology and procedures to keep you safe. Our goal during every project is to have ZERO accidents and that’s why we are constantly supervising and training with safety in mind.

Value Proposition


We promise to deliver only the highest level of quality by carefully planning and executing at every stage of your project. We do not cut corners at our customers expense and our commitment to deliver only the best we can do is a testament to that.


Over 30 years of experience becomes yours on the very first day we begin any project. Our team will be ready for anything that gets thrown in front of them and with projects spanning from Residential Remodels and Developments to full scale Commercial Building, Civil Engineering and Marine Construction, there is nothing we can’t handle.

Cost & Time Control

How many times have you been in a situation where a project takes twice as long as it was promised and for twice the amount it was quoted. We know the pain and frustration this causes and that why at EBS we incorporate skilled and precise Project Management and Cost Control to ensure you can continue with your plans as well with our timeliness.

Customer Satisfaction

How have we survived through the good times and the bad? Simply stated, we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Time after time we deliver a high level of quality and satisfaction regardless of the role we play on any project. With a history of going above and beyond expectations, this comes rather easily to us. Our clients can rest easy knowing the job will be done right and on-time.


We are Building the Future and the future is green. Like the name says, Eco Building Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to providing the latest in sustainable construction methods and systems. We are continually adapting to the dynamics of a changing marketplace by staying up to date on construction industry innovations and practices. We are a leader in developing solutions that will provide long term benefits to our clients and the community. Our extensive knowledge of LEED building practices meets and exceed the highest standards for our clients. Simply stated, we do it better all the while maintaining the highest level of safety and quality compliance with lower project costs and time control.