Eco Building Solutions, Inc. (EBS) offers complete project management from conception to completion. We have maintained our excellence, integrity, honesty and client trust by delivering top quality construction projects within budget and on schedule. We are highly committed to helping clients manage risk and uncertainties of construction.

Part of our commitment to our customers is that subcontractors comply with the requirements under the law of the State of Florida. Here are the following requirements that subcontractors must have in order to be able to collaborate with Eco Building Solutions Inc.



To whom does it apply?

All corporations and/or subcontractors that are interested in obtaining a contract with Eco Building Solutions, Inc., that want to work at any construction project.

Subcontractor Requirements:

1. The corporation must be registered in the State Florida Department. (does not apply to individuals).
2. Must have License/Professional Certificate.
3. Insurance Policy: General Liability, Auto Liability, Excess Liability (if applies), Workers Compensation and Employers Liability. The required limits are presented in the sample certificate found attached. These limits are subjected to change depending on the contract agreement, but they won't be less as show in the example.
4. IRS W-9 (sample attached) applies for corporations and individuals.
5. In order to guarantee safe and healthy work conditions; the application of the norms of OSHA is a mandatory requirement for all subcontractors in any EBS construction site.
At the moment of signing the contract; the mentioned documents must be presented.

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Eco Building Solutions, Inc.